Bruges, Belgium… The Venice of the north



Bruges canal

I have been to Europe for 6 times, mostly in winter LOL, Im in love with Europe and never get bored…it is worth every visit!

My 6th visit in October 2015 brought me to Bruges, located in northwest   Belgium, canal based city such as Amsterdam. Therefor this city is called the Venice of the north. A small city yet beautiful. I was on my way to Paris from Brussels actually.

Bruges has most midieval buildings architecture intact, including City hall, Basilica of the holy blood, St John hospital, st Salvator’s cathedral, Groeningemuseum, and many others


@ Markt (Market Square), as you can see the buildjng on the right? That is The Provinciaal Hof

I was so much enjoying myself here, this city is a lot like a fairy tale you see… sipping coffee and mesmerizing beautiful view.


Mussels, a traditional Belgian food, refined french dishes and earthy flemish food


@ Bruges bookstore, yes Im a bookworm!

And I stayed at a traditional hotel in Bruges for 2 nights, seriously, the room is small but cozy, with flowery wallpaper and cuetain…feels like I was at my grandmother’s house


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