Book: Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen

wpid-20141108_223218-1.jpgTell me, can you describe a troll? Yeah, according to the myth, they’re big, fat, smelly, dumb, ugly, slow, dirty… and so on. But when I’m done reading this book, it wiped off my perceptions and a troll turned out to be the opposite! They’re beutiful, clean, speak beautifully, smart, even can do magic, but yet manipulating…hey, nobody’s perfect rite

I found the story was unpredictable, and I like the way they speak since the story’s setting was historical era in France. Yes they call the lady mademoiselle and the gentleman monsieur *swoon*… I loved it! I’m in love with the characters and the setting and the plot, everything! Worth my time!
It’s YA Fantasy genre. The book was full of awesomness!!!  Now I have to wait high and dry for the 2nd book to be released *pulling my hair out*


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